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Quality Control

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Production Capacities

SMT Workshop

3 Milion Pcs Per Day

6 SMT Lines in Total (Samsung)

Automatic Bulb Assembly

7 Milion Pcs Per Month

15 Automatic Assembly Lines in Total

Packing Workshop

7 Million Pcs Per Month

6 Automatic Packing Lines in Total

Injection Workshop

55,000 Pcs Per Day 

5 Machines in Total

Painting Workshop

30,000 Pcs Per Day 

1 Painting Line with Automatic Power Coating Platform

Testing Laboratory


Proficient SCM

On Time Delivery : We understand the importance of getting the right product to the right place on time.

Fast Tracked Lead Time : Waiting for your product to be manufactured can befrustrating. We work hard to pump out the best quality products.

Global Distributing Centre : Yourlite has resourceful delivery alliances & strategicdistributing center across the globe. Ensure an efficient supply chain for you.